Program Administration

We specialize in the formation and management of group insurance programs for public and nonprofit entities.

What is an insurance group?

An insurance group is a limited-purpose insurance option intended to transfer risks from an individual to a larger group that experiences similar risks. The basic operating principle of an insurance group is “strength in numbers.” Participating in an insurance group is a type of alternative risk transfer technique that provides options beyond the conventional insurance market. Membership grants organizations greater control over how their insurance needs are being met through increased buying power in volatile insurance markets, greater stability and more predictable rate increases, access to more resources to prevent and manage losses, and rating structures that reflect market trends.


The Clear Risk Solutions claims team, established in 1985, has successfully handled claims and litigation issues across an extremely varied and dynamic group of clients. Combined, the individuals of the claims team represent over 100 years of experience and are all well-versed in both property and liability coverage. If you have any questions, contact us.

Claims Process

The claims process is designed to be user-friendly and allows members to have a voice in how their claims are handled.

Should a claim proceed to litigation, the claims team accesses a broad panel of experienced attorneys. The team assigns independent attorneys from the program’s legal panel to file an appearance on our member’s behalf, regardless of insurance coverage, to protect them from default if they receive a lawsuit. If necessary, this attorney can be substituted at a later date by a specialist in that particular area of litigation. 


Underwriting is the process of assessing risk and ensuring that the cost of coverage is proportionate to that risk. When developing premium rates, each member requires consideration and analysis as unique as the member itself. By accurately evaluating both new submissions and renewing members, our underwriting team ensures the long-term stability of each of our programs. Our property and casualty underwriters strive to build successful programs where members receive both broad levels of coverage and enjoy competitive rates. If you have any questions please reach out to us.

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying and mitigating potential risk. Our proactive approach to loss control helps keep losses to a minimum, and allows our staff to take the extra time to understand each member’s individual environment for personalized recommendations. Informative and customizable onsite trainings are also available to pool members at no additional cost.

Loss Control Services

Our aggressive, proactive approach to loss control keeps losses to a minimum and allows our staff to take the extra time to understand each program member’s individual environment. Our process consists of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating potential exposures to provide recommendations. Services are made with sensitivity to budgets and client needs. Please contact us for additional assistance.

Educational Services

Our educational trainings and presentations are informative, specific, and customizable by each member to ensure training can be utilized by board members, employees, and/or volunteers.  Onsite training is available to our program members at no additional cost. To schedule an onsite training please contact us.

Pre-Litigation Program

Due to the complexity of laws, union contracts, and court rulings, it can be challenging for our member organizations to stay current on all areas of personnel management and risk avoidance. The Pre-Litigation Program (PLP) provides technical assistance at the onset of the problem to help navigate risk and minimize liability. Our team will work jointly with selected counsel after review of a situation.

Services include

  • Risk analysis of personnel manuals, policies, procedures, processes, and forms.
  • Assistance in conducting internal investigations.
  • Providing recommendations to address personnel concerns.

Our PLP team provides risk management information and services to members upon request. Clear Risk Solutions does not provide legal advice. When seeking legal advice, all members are reminded to consult an attorney. Assignment of an approved attorney is discretionary and must be approved by the consultant assigned to the matter.

If you have any questions please contact us.